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Liberated People Trunk Show: Recap

mojo-6120Supporters came out in numbers to learn and view the Liberated People mission and movement. The brand, created by actor Gbenga Akinnagbe (HBO’s The Wire, Fox’s The Following, and 24: Live Another Day, and CBS’s The Good Wife). In addition to being an actor, he’s an activist who is intensely passionate about bringing people together in the journey towards liberation. A portion of the proceeds from that day were donated to the non-profit organization Beat the Streets-Baltimore. A wrestling and tutoring program in Baltimore, Maryland which Gbenga continuously contributes towards.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be apart of different social movements around the world. I was apart of occupy Nigeria. I’ve been to the West Bank in Israel protesting and also apart of the stop and frisk movement in New York.”


“I found myself in the streets all over the world with different people of different races that spoke different languages. But they were more or less were fighting for the same things. On top of that, we often feel that our struggles are unique to our sub group. Like only black women suffer this way, only people from Bedstuy suffer this way, only people in the West Bank suffer this way. I wanted to show after having all these experiences that the struggle is something that we all have in common. This beautiful struggle and I felt that if we stood together and recognized that, that we would stand stronger.”  -Gbenga Akinnagbe

mojo-6143On the morning of the trunk show, Gbenga discussed the Liberated People Movement on Fox 5 News. Click here to watch that interview The trunk show atmosphere was inspiring and engaging. Gbenga held intimate dialogue explaining the birth and mission of Liberated People. Not only was the event to encourage a purchase from the brand, but inspire guests to share their liberating moment and not be ashamed of their personal journey towards liberation. In addition, there was a sense of  pride as patrons lined up to purchase shirts representing their native origin.

mojo-5910Celebrity or not you can always make a difference by giving back to your community or an organization that you are passionate about. Liberated People is not just a clothing line. It’s a conversation, social movement and call for action. I think it’s important for people to have their liberating moment in life and to also share it with others. When you are liberated, you’re able to act and contribute towards social revolution (big or small). Even sharing your liberating moment can help others and ignite a flame of innovation. That is exactly what the Liberated People trunk show was all about. An event to inspire people to work for a cause greater than themselves. That was the theme of the day. I am excited to see the clothing line expand (hopefully there will be a Ghana shirt in the future *wink wink*) as well as the outreach.

Special Thanks to Gbenga Akinnabe and Hellina Tadesse of Liberated People for bringing this cause to Nubian Hueman. Special thanks to DJTyTunez of Tag Soundz, artist Kojo Owusu-Kusi aka TruthDonDie, singer Pamela Vilorio and our photographer Mayowa Ojo. Check out more of his captures from the event below.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Nubian Hueman ambassadors below for helping us promote this event and the #liberatedpeople #weareliberated movement online.

Left to Right: Ogechi (@2snapsandatwirl), Priscilla (@prissyville), Maia (@maichickbad) and Alex (@alex_elle).

Thank you ladies for your support!

You can check out Liberated People online at their links below:






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~Amma Mama


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