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Welcome Nubi: Amma Appiah

Image credit: Amberly Ellis

We gravitated to her Spotify playlist.  For anyone else, it may have been her trendy outfit, room filling smile, and seemingly honest character that would make her a great fit for any company.  But her surprising list of 90s RnB jams (we mean SWV, Keith Sweat, and all) chosen during her interview was the cake and icing.

See, some months ago I met with an entrepreneur comrade for brunch.  We talked about work/life balance, POS systems, and hiring.  I always turned to my H&M days and recalled the fire hoops I made potential employees jump through before bringing them on.  The process allowed me to see just how much they wanted the job and how far they would push themselves to get it.  My friend suggested having an interviewee create a small playlist.  We agreed that music speaks to everyone and can sometimes be a mirror to a person’s spirit.

Fast forward, to Amma’s interview.  Here we are seated in all seriousness, waiting for her to share her favorites and why.  On comes Aaliyah’s Back & Forth, Maxi Priest’s Close To You, and Shanice’s I Love Your Smile (can you see the awestruck-ness on my face?). Having been through the series of Erykah Badu and Fela Kuti fans, this was unexpected and refreshing.  Amma spoke about her Ghanaian upbringing and the influence her brother had on her while growing up.  She explained how listening to the music always brought joy and was a time that was so important to her.  Let her tell it, she was born in the wrong decade, but this was perfect.  Amma showed her layers and dimension, especially in a time saturated by superficial selfies and capitalistic fallacies.  Yet most of all, her willingness to be herself was magnetizing.

We are super excited to welcome Amma to the Nubian Hueman crew!  She’s a talented blogger (check her at Amma Mama) who’s has a real pulse on African fashion. She’s got style for days, filled with infectious charisma, and has already added so much to our team.  Amma is now serving as our Media and Sales Strategist.  Catch her posts here as a Resident Blogger or her cool pics on her Instagram @ammamama.

Photography by Amberly Ellis
Peace & Endless Blessings,  

Nubian Hueman Owner | Chief Curator


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